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Human Rights

How Web3 enables peace and prosperity

Life. Liberty. The Pursuit of Happiness.

These three simple values provide everyone with the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.

Breaking this down, some key principles that can help our society move toward these goals include:

  • Self-Sovereignty and Self-Reliance, (decentralization of power)
  • Privacy (identity and personal information under individual control)
  • Reputation and Provenance (individual accountability)
  • Voluntary Contracts and Free Enterprise (capitalism and free trade)
  • Owner Economics (property law)
  • Strong Community (freedom of association and speech)

Today, where these principles are respected, they are enforced by the institutional power of governments and militaries. To protect us from violations, we create criminal and civil justice systems and fight wars. What if violations were not possible in the first place?

Blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 are like unbreakable vending machines. The machine cannot be broken (theoretically!). Creating easy-to-use crypto-secured tools can help move us toward a world where at least some things are automatically protected and everyday life becomes more empowered and less risky. They offer equal benefits to all humanity.

Our power to solve these historic problems has never been greater

Now is the time to act. Our peaceful and prosperous future depends on it.

Let's build our auspicious future together, one app at a time.

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