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What is this?

This is a personal website sharing my opinions, thoughts, values, and beliefs about all sorts of things.

Who am I?

I build software and businesses. I started my career in mobile robotics and artificial intelligence, helping to design and build space robots, sending them on discovery missions throughout the solar system. I had a great time researching and building new kinds of robots.

I'm fascinated by the epic influence of internet on society. I started building websites early, and had the privilege of sharing the day-to-day operations of the Mars Rovers with the world by authoring the first large-scale public Web presence for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

Free enterprise benefits humanity by getting new technology into the world quickly and effectively. I'm always looking for new avenues to commercialize innovation and develop new products and markets, capitalizing on the latest breakthroughs in AI and crypto-secured applications. Working together with a wide-reaching network of experts, we strive to understand how people and technology can synergize, improving all our lives.

I spend my time monitoring the state of the art, planning commercial strategy, conceptualizing, and architecting new applications. I search for talent, building technical teams for research, development, and operations. Working with the incredibly smart and creative engineers, developers, and designers who are exploring new frontiers, prototyping, and discovering the vast intelligence and brilliance of our world is my life's passion. I'm fortunate to be here.

I am forever a coder and experimenter at heart, optimistic and thrilled by our future.